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Vancouver Signs I What are illuminated Channel Letters?

illuminated channel letters

Illuminated channel letters are a common form of lighted exterior signage. Standard channel letter. A standard channel letter is 3-dimensional sign that often takes the shape of letters (hence the name). It is typically manufactured from aluminum because of its light weight and resistance to rust.

How can screenprinting save me money?

describe the image

Screen printing is a one of the older forms of signmaking but is still extremely relevant for those looking for large numbers of a single sign.

What size logo do I need for my reception sign?

reception sign

When we talk about the size of your reception sign we also mean the text.  In the image above, that would include the "logo" as well as the text that makes up the company name.  

4 Things to consider before purchasing a reception sign

lobby sign

So what does make a good reception sign?  Its a great question but not one that is easily answered.

What is a an illuminated sign face?

illuminated sign face

If If you are in the market for illuminated signs you will find that you have a lot of choices.  Channel, letters, light boxes, pylon and push thru are just a few names you may run across.

Vancouver Signs l Custom Exterior Signs

custom wood sign

Every now and then we get asked to create something really interesting so when we were approached by Castle Communication systems to create a custom exterior sign for Wesbrook dental we were intriqued.

Vancouver Signs l Use a sidewalk sign to attract attention!

sidewalk signs

Sidewalk signs are a great way to bring attention to your business.  Sometimes your your potential clients are looking at street level and may miss your storefront signage.

Valley Fair Dental - Perforated Window Signs deliver results


Valley Fair Dental is a very successful dental practice located in the Valley Fair Mall in Maple Ridge. In addition to being great dentists, they are also very good business people and realized that they had a huge opportunity they hadn't taken advantage of.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Vinyl Window Graphics


Vinyl window graphics are the most common form of window signs and unfortunately have a reputation for being a little tacky.  So why would a organic food store that caters to an affluent audience consider vinyl graphics?

Top 5 reason not to buy Fleet Graphics

whistler fleet wrap

This is bit of a turnaround on my previous posts but fleet wraps aren't for everyone.  I think that most companies will reap a handsome reward on their investment; however here are the top 5 reasons you might choose not to get vehicle graphics.

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